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17 Feb 2015
Lunaria - A beautiful period track app

Lunaria is a simple and beautiful app for tracking your cycle.

With LUNARIA, you can get all those information in just a glance! The only thing you need to do is to tap the start button at the beginning of every period. That’s it! Let Lunaria record and predict for you, you can have more time to plan something fun!

With beautiful elegant interface and light-weighted features, Lunaria makes it cool and easy to track the cycle. We believe simplicity makes life easier!

Features: 1. Super easy to track every month cycle and basal body temperature (BBT). 2. Smart calculation of days delayed in current cycle. 3. Predict periods, and ovulation day, great for your sweet plan or vocation. 4. Receive personal reminds for your upcoming period and ovulation day, also the pills taking. 5. Full history of your menstrual cycles and daily temperature. 6. Privacy protection with password or Touch ID. 7. Todays widget gives you a glance of your current status without opening the app.

p.s. Lunaria is fully developed in swift.

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Zack Zhu at 03:43

About 5coins Lunaria GitHub