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19 Sep 2014
5coins and iCloud

iCloud has been significantly changed since iOS 7. 5coins supports iCloud sync since the end of 2013, just two months after iOS 7 was out. There is no doubt that iCloud sync is one of the most important feature for 5coins. Users will be able to track there expenses with more confidence as all data are automatically backed up in iCloud.

However, from time to time, I still receive emails (less than 10) for users complaining about losing all data. Well, just to clearify, 5coins itself as an app does not contain any code to wipe the entire database. But why data is still missing? Here is a list of reasons which explain why data in 5coins may get lost.

  1. Sign out current iCloud account from device or switch to a different iCloud account.
  2. Switch off Document & Data for iCloud in iOS 7 or iCloud Drive for 5coins in iOS 8.
  3. No free space available in iCloud?
  4. User removed app data while trying to delete 5coins from device.
  5. User specifically remove data of 5coins in iCloud.

Except for last two cases which the operation is not reversable, you will be able to get your data back if iCloud settings are all correct.

Notes for iOS 8

Data will not be available during the upgrading process of iCloud drive. So just wait for the upgrade process to complete, you will be able to see your previous data again in 5coins. If your status of iCloud drive stays upgrading, you can try to resignin your iCloud account on your device. I have already verified it this morning on my device.

Notes for multiple devices

Data sync between devices is automatically handled by iOS. 5coins has no control when it should happen. So just be patient if you don’t see data in your new device. It will arrive shortly for sure as long as you are using the same iCloud account, and device is connected with Internet.

Zack Zhu at 17:21

About 5coins Lunaria GitHub