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01 Nov 2012
Freshly Baked!

5coins has been approved today, and it’s available for download now. Feedbacks are really appreciated!

You might want to know if there will be any new features in next version. Well, I am trying to make this app as clean as possible. The current version is only 0.8m for download. I don’t want it to have everything within the pocket. But still, there is something planned in near future. I’ll give you a sneak preview on what’s going to happen apart from regular updates.

Cloud Synch

Cloud feature is not only used to backup the data. It can also be used to corroborate with others. For instance, my wife and I are doing daily expenses tracking on a notebook (That’s the reason why I made this app at first place). We mark on all items which are spent by me, so in the end of the month we will know how much I spent as well as how much she spent. This might not be everyone’s case though, but you can still use it for synching data between iPhone, iPad and Mac. Yep! Apps for those devices are also planned. They will be different from the app on iPhone. I can take full advantage of the big screen.

That’s all for today, one feature at a time! Hope you like 5coins as much as we do!

Zack Zhu at 23:09

About 5coins Lunaria GitHub